In a place as beautiful as the Flathead Valley, it is easy to be lulled into a sense of peace and security.  But look at the world around us – what do you see?  The rapidly escalating tension across the world – does it inspire stability and confidence?  The continuous pull of social media and the controversial gender issues coupled with an ever-increasing series of choices gravitating further and further away from a Christian worldview – a “slow fade” spiraling toward a less Christ-centered life.  Where will it end?  How fast, how outrageous, how dangerous, and how bizarre can it continue to become?

For 40 years, I served our great nation in places over the hills and far away from this beautiful land.  Places in which power was dictated from the barrel of a gun.  Instability in ungoverned places caused entire generations of young people to have no choice but to fight to survive.  Parents – just like you – tried to build their families to seek a better life.  Violence and uncertainty dominated their existence.  They had no choice.  No direction.  No way to dream, much less flourish.

But you say to yourself, Colonel, those are places far away.  This is America.  It is different here.

You have a choice.   Yes, you do.  You can choose excellence.

I come to you this morning to talk about your most precious resource:  your son or daughter.  They – the sons and daughters of America – are the most precious commodity in this world.  They will live in the world of today – with all of its technological marvels and dark side streets.  Who will it be that you can choose to breathe God’s truth into them as they grow?  Well, of course the answer is at a place of worship.  In your home.  And there is another place – school.  In the past, many communities like this one had few choices.  But not now.  I stand here before you now to offer you one such choice.

Whitefish Christian Academy assists parents in the moral, academic, social, and physical development of their child in order to develop Christian thinkers and doers to transform the Culture for Christ.  Through the tenets of the Classical Christian education system, we seek to educate and nurture a child who will be respectful, resilient, and responsible to navigate a complex and dynamic world.  He or she will be armed with a solid and unwavering Christian Worldview to discern truth from falsehood; a time-proven educational system based around grammar, logic and rhetoric woven into a challenging curriculum that inspires and invigorates the learning process; and physical development, leadership training, and a culture in which family and community are a touchstone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I come to you from a different world.  Afghanistan.  Iraq.  Somalia.  Bosnia.  Syria.  Libya.  All over Africa.  Why did I come to the Flathead Valley?  My qualification is the ability to lead an organization that I believe in with a group of like-minded families.  Parents who believe that children should be placed in an environment that is safe, structured, and challenging.  A faculty who looks at their profession as a ministry to grow a Christian thinker. A school board who believes that building a future for generations-to-come is a necessary and meaningful task.  All these things resonate strongly in those whose relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is ever-increasing and the backbone of their walk on this earthen sphere.

Our school is in the process of becoming full-spectrum.  What do I mean by that?  Well, from the days of Cross Currents Pre-School, we are now Pre-K through 11th Grade.  We have signed a buy/sell agreement to build a new school in the years ahead.  Our first graduating class will be in the late spring of 2019.  We offer a la carte classes to Homeschool organizations, participate in multiple sports, and work in the community to give back to the town we live in.

Whitefish Christian Academy is what the American Spirit is all about.   Self-reliant; mind-body-spirit based; and instilled with the pride and ethos to succeed in any chosen endeavor.  I ask you to consider the world you want for your child.  Is there anything you would not do to arm and protect them in the years ahead?  I pledge to you that this institution will always choose excellence to arm your child with a toolkit that will allow them to think, decide, and act appropriately and decisively in any situation.  And most importantly, we will give them the knowledge and the inspiration to defend their faith in the dynamic world that they will travel, work in, and thrive.


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