WCA History

Founding & Growth
In 1979, a small group of parents who were determined to provide a distinctly Christian education for their children met together. Out of those discussions emerged the seeds of a vision that would ultimately enrich the Whitefish community for decades to come – a small Christian elementary school named Cross Currents Christian School.

The parents’ vision took shape weeks after that first meeting as the school hired Lynda Nelson to be its first teacher. The first preschool and kindergarten classes were held in the basement of the First Baptist Church of Whitefish in January, 1980. By the fall of that same year, the school had expanded to include a graded program through the fourth grade. In 1983, the school had a complete elementary program through the sixth grade and employed seven full-time teachers. The school later expanded to include classes through the eighth grade.

As enrollment and the educational program grew, the school moved to Christ Lutheran Church where classes were held from 1985-1989. In 1989, two generous benefactors gifted the school with property on Ashar Avenue. Through a capital campaign and the generosity of a local contractor, the school was able to start construction on its current facility. Additional classrooms were added in 1996.

A Move to Classical Education
In 2005, the board decided the school would become a classical academy. As a result of that decision, the name of the school was changed to Whitefish Christian Academy. Once the classical Christian model was firmly rooted in the lower school, the board decided to begin a rhetoric program. The first ninth grade class started in 2015 with four students. A grade is being added each year, and WCA will have its first graduating class in 2019.

Today, Whitefish Christian Academy enrolls over 150 students from all across the Flathead Valley. The school remains firmly committed to rigorous academics, low student-to-teacher ratio, a strong emphasis on integrating God’s word into every subject, and a family-oriented atmosphere where children and parents can thrive.

It all started with ordinary Christians who willingly gave their time, talents, and treasure to make the vision of a Christian school in Whitefish a reality. The school is a testimony to the sacrifices of people who have believed and remained faithful to the vision of its early founding families. Whitefish Christian Academy remains passionate about Christian education, and is committed to the school’s tradition of academic excellence and strong Christian values.