At Whitefish Christian Academy, our understanding of God as Creator and of His saving purposes in Jesus Christ is the foundation of all of our teaching and conduct.

  • We acknowledge that all creation was created by God, reflects Him, is sustained by Him, and exists for Him.
  • We apply God’s truth to all areas of life while teaching from a comprehensive and interrelated curriculum to nurture academic and spiritual maturation.
  • We equip students with both knowledge and the discernment of its application while encouraging obedience, humility, and joyful submission to God.
  • We do everything with industry and vigor, as an act of worship to our God, with all of our heart, mind, and strength.

Distinctly Classical

WCA provides an education based on the system of instruction called the trivium; a three-phase approach to educating a child that reflects both developmental progression and learning styles. The video below offers more about the classical model of education.  

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Children are nurtured in a loving environment where they will grow in mind, body and spirit. Our skillful and caring teachers encourage a love of learning by providing interesting activities that invite exploration to expand knowledge each day, by encouraging active play to develop large and fine motor skills, and by nurturing the children’s spirits so they may see God and His love in their daily lives. PreK-K is the beginning of your child’s education at Whitefish Christian Academy focusing on hands-on learning, literacy, writing, math, and social/emotional development within a God-centered environment.

Grammar (Elementary grades 1-4)

Students learn the fundamental facts and rules of each subject: History, Science, Language Arts, Math, Bible, Spelling, and Grammar. Learning these fundamentals prepares the way for advanced in-depth study. Additionally, emphasis is placed assisting children in developing and honing character traits and habits — such as kindness, respect, and perseverance — important traits to have as a member of a caring community.

Logic (Middle School grades 5-8)

In the middle years, students are taught how to analyze, reason, question, evaluate, and critique. Formal logic is taught beginning in the seventh grade, and students learn to think about all aspects of life within the framework of a biblical worldview. Students are guided toward greater independence as they learn skills such as tracking assignments and studying independently and effectively. Additionally, students have the opportunity to explore extracurricular activities such as band, basketball, volleyball, cross country and cheerleading.

Rhetoric (9-12)

In the study of rhetoric, students learn how to express what they know and what they are learning. Debate, apologetics, speech, essay writing, and drama are emphasized during this stage as a means to equip students as effective communicators and contributors.


Whitefish Christian Academy is dedicated to providing a robust and well-rounded science program. The study of science allows students to gain understanding of God’s amazing creation. WCA is committed to teaching current, up-to-date scientific theory, We are preparing students not only to understand the world around them but also to be successful in advanced scientific study at the university level. Middle school/Logic students study astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics and geology.